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Freie Universität Berlin

Human Rights Under Pressure - Ethics, Law and Politics

PhD Candidate

Field of Research: Decolonial Feminisms and Human Rights: Identity, Empowerment and Politics in Latin America

Juliana M. Streva is a cross disciplinary researcher from Brazil located on the borders of political philosophy, human rights and critical theory. Currently, she is a Doctoral Candidate at Freie Universität and her research focuses on political transformation from below, identity, coloniality, race and gender/queer studies in Latin America. She holds a MA in Theory of State and Constitutional Law at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), same institution where she completed her BA in Law with emphasis on State and Society. She performed as International Visiting Fellow at the Comparative Literature Department in Brown University, 2015. Since 2010, she has been working in human rights related projects: from academic research to documentary film production, from international litigation to artistic interventions.

Modernity, racism, sexism, capitalism and nation-state’s emergence have been perceived by “decolonial feminists” from Latin America as the articulation of distinguish critical traditions to modernity. Based on the daily experience of sexism, racism, class as intersectional burdens from coloniality. Instead of focusing on the victimization discourse commonly developed by legal works, this investigation states the importance of framing this issue through resistance, activism and transformative role performed by women. In this respect, several feminists’ movements have been gathering together thousands of women to protest and discuss a new political agenda across Latin America. This investigation lies in this context of feminist social transformation from below and aims addresses this intensified re- insurgence as a (new) wave of Latin American feminisms’ movement. The investigation focuses on feminist resistance and movements from below who have been challenging nation-state’s colonial structures and its articulations with patriarchal family, racialized gender roles, and capitalist labor dynamics. 

Combining theory and praxis, the research aims to investigate the following questions: at the same time that law is regarded as politics, should politics be regarded exclusively through the claim for rights' rhetoric of emancipation? How can law operate at the same time maintaining the social structures and (radically) transforming them? How to (re)think social movements' political main strategy based on identity politics' claim for rights? By posing these political, legal and philosophical questions, the project aims to critically (re)think both theory and praxis of Latin American feminisms in challenging nation-state structures towards political transformation from below.


STREVA, J. M. “O poder de matar do Estado em Michel Foucault: Uma investigação sobre o racismo”. In Kiffer, Ana et al. (org.). Reinvenções de Foucault. Rio de Janeiro: Lamparina, CAPES and FAPERJ, 2016. pp. 59-68. ISBN (e-book): 978-85-8316-044-1.

Translation of the title: “The State’s power of killing in Michel Foucault: An investigation on racism”.


Available to buy at: https://www.travessa.com.br/ebook-reinvencoes-de-foucault/eBook/818fbb41-2a57-4192-8792-107042d8735f


STREVA, J. M. “A multidão no corpo e a multidão de corpos: Um embate dos conceitos de povo e multidão, e consenso e dissenso à luz dos escritos de Hobbes e Spinoza”. In Becker, Rafael et al. (org.). Spinoza e nós. Volume: Spinoza, a guerra e a paz. Rio de Janeiro: Ed. PUC-Rio, 2017. pp. 248-255. ISBN (e-book): 978-85-8006-218-2.

Translation of the title: “The multitude of the body and the multitude of bodies: People and Multitude, Consensus and Dissensus, Hobbes and Spinoza”.

Available at: http://www.editora.vrc.puc-rio.br/media/Spinoza%20-%20vol1.pdf



STREVA, J. M. “Colonialidade do ser e corporalidade: O racismo brasileiro por uma lente descolonial”.

Revista Antropolítica, n. 40, Niterói/Brazil, p. 20-53, 1. sem. 2016.

Translation of the title: “Coloniality of being and corporeality: Braziliam racismo through a decolonial lens”. Available at: http://www.revistas.uff.br/index.php/antropolitica/article/view/432/268


STREVA, J. M. "Crise da Degenerescência e Discurso em Bachelard e Foucault". Revista Direito e Liberdade, edição 2, Volume 17, 2015.

Translation of the title: “Degenerative crisis and Discourse in Bachelard and Foucault”.

Available at: http://www.esmarn.tjrn.jus.br/revistas/index.php/revista_direito_e_liberdade/article/view/840/658


STREVA, J. M. "Jean-Jacques Rousseau e o existencialismo: uma análise acerca do afeto, da potencialidade humana e da angústia de acordo com Rousseau, Sartre e Nietzsche". Aurora: Revista de Arte, Mídia e Política, São Paulo, v.8, n.23, p. 5-22, jun.-set. 2015.

Translation of the title: “Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Existentialism”.

Available at: https://revistas.pucsp.br/index.php/aurora/article/view/23923 



STREVA, J. M. (co-author). Amicus Curiae brief of the Case Favela Nova Brasília vs. Brasil presented to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, 2016.

Available at: http://www.corteidh.or.cr/docs/casos/articulos/seriec_333_por.pdf

STREVA, J. M. (co-author). Relatório de visitas aos “abrigos especializados” para crianças e adolescents.

Human Rights Commission of Rio de Janeiro's State Council, State Committee for Preventing and Combating Torture, Regional Councils, and the Human Rights Centre of PUC-Rio, 2012.

Translation of the title: “Report from the visits to the specialized shelters for children and adolescents in Rio de Janeiro city”.

Available at: http://www.crprj.org.br/documentos/2012-relatorio_CADQs.pdf


STREVA, J. M. (co-author). Amicus Curiae brief of the Case Atala Riffo y Niñas vs. Chile presented to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, 2011.

Available at: http://www.corteidh.or.cr/docs/casos/articulos/seriec_239_esp.pdf



STREVA, J. M. “Objetificação Colonial dos Corpos Negros: Uma leitura descolonial e foucaultiana do Extermínio Negro no Brasil”. Masters’ dissertation. Rio de Janeiro: Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016.

Translation of the title: “Colonial Objectification of Black Bodies: A Decolonial and Foucauldian reading of the Black Extermination in Brazil”.

Available at: www.maxwell.vrac.puc-rio.br/27232/27232.PDF


STREVA, J. M. “O tratamento penal da loucura no ordenamento brasileiro”. Bachelor’s dissertation. Rio de Janeiro: Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2012.

Translation of the title: “Criminal Treatment of Madness in Brazilian Legal System”. Available at: www.maxwell.vrac.puc-rio.br/21211/21211.PDF



STREVA, J. M. “Um breve suspiro sobre gênero e a contra-cultura queer”. In A Folha de Gragoatá, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 2014.

Translation of the title: “A brief on gender and queer counter-culture”.

Available at: http://afolhadogragoata.blogspot.de/2014/06/um-breve-suspiro-sobre-estereotipos-de.html

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