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Rona Dinur

Rona Dinur

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Human Rights Under Pressure - Ethics, Law and Politics

PhD Candidate

Field of Research: Philosophical Foundations of Discrimination

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Rona is a PhD student in the philosophy department of the Hebrew University, focusing on moral and political philosophy. Her PhD project is supervised by Prof. David Enoch and Prof. Moshe Halbertal from the philosophy department. She started my PhD studies after graduating from Harvard Law School with an LL.M in Law, where she focused on the intersection of constitutional law and moral and political philosophy. She holds an LL.B/B.A (in Law and Political Science) from the Hebrew University (summa cum laude). In between her bachelor's degree and LL.M studies she served as a law clerk in the chambers of Justice Asher Grunis, who was then the Chief Justice of the Israeli Supreme Court.

The goal of my dissertation project is to explore and formulate the ethical problem which underlies a specific kind of discrimination, namely discrimination that is perpetuated against people specifically because of their group identity. While the notion of discrimination is commonly associated with problems of unjust distribution, or with the concept of equality in its specific interpretation as a distributive ideal, the ethical problem which underlies the type of cases that I plan to examine seems to be related to inegalitarian relations between people. Therefore, in lieu of a distribution-based account, I attempt to utilize the emerging literature which discusses relational equality in order to understand the ethical problem which underlies such cases. I argue that the relational equality -associated ethical problem which is present in such cases is more adequately understood using a virtue ethics framework (rather than a deontological one), and specifically one that focuses on the agent's cognitive-epistemic state.

Freie Universität Berlin
The Minerva Center for Human Rights
Menschenrechtszentrum Uni Potsdam
DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Einstein Foundation Berlin
Dahlem Research School