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Ioannis Kampourakis

photo kampourakis

Freie Universität Berlin

Human Rights Under Pressure - Ethics, Law and Politics

Department of Law

PhD Candidate (thesis submitted)

Thesis Title: Dialectics of Transparency and Secrecy in the Information Age - The Role of Whistleblowing Legislation in the Regulatory Governance of Markets and in National Security

Boltzmannstraße 3
14195 Berlin

Ioannis Kampourakis is a doctoral candidate in Law at the Free University of Berlin and a member of the Human Rights Under Pressure program. Ioannis is a graduate of the “Master II Fundamental Public Law” program from Université Paris I – Sorbonne and a graduate in Law from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. In the past he has worked as trainee lawyer in the Legal Council of State in Greece, for the Ministry of Administrative Reform.

Ioannis’s dissertation examines the dialectics of transparency and secrecy in the information age through an analysis of whistleblowing in regulatory governance and in national security. His research interests include legal theory; transnational law; international law, focusing on business and human rights; comparative law; law and the political economy; regulation and governance. His academic work has been published in La Revue des Droits de l’Homme andarticles of his have appeared in widely read online forums such as Open Democracy and Critical Legal Thinking. Ioannis has also presented his work in a number of international conferences, including the IGLP Conference at Harvard University. Apart from his academic endeavours, Ioannis is also a published author of fiction and he has been shortlisted for the National Literature Award, Prize for Debut Author in Greece.

Ioannis’s project examines the dialectics of transparency and secrecy in the information age through an analysis whistleblowing and its implementation in regulatory governance and in national security. Acknowledging the incoherent and contradictory uses of whistleblowing regulations in the two different settings, the project questions the role of freedom of speech and human rights in general in the proliferation and solidification of whistleblower protection provisions. Drawing from the comparative legislative framework on whistleblowing as it has developed in the United States and in the European Union, the project shows how institutional responses to whistleblowing have been dependent on the value of the information disclosed. The project also attempts to reconceptualise the balancing between national security considerations and the right to receive information of public interest.

 Books (fiction)

  • Light is analysed into colours (Kedros Publishers 2015) [in greek]

Journal Articles

Short Papers

  • Nancy Fraser: Subaltern Counterpublics (2016) Critical legal thinking
  • Political disillusionment in Greece: toward a post-political state? (2017) Open Democracy

Conference Papers

  • 'Corporate Social Responsibility Codes and the contemporary concept of law' (Institute for Global Law and Policy Conference, Harvard Law School, June 2018)
  • 'Protecting the market, not the whistleblower: Whistleblowing as a mode of new governance' (Law and Society Association Annual Conference, Toronto, June 2018)
  • 'New governance as reflexive law: A materialization of Critical Systems Theory?' (11th International Conference on Critical Theory, John Felice Rome Center of Loyola University Chicago, Rome, May 2018)
  • 'Power and democracy: Revisiting the Foucault-Habermas debate in the context of the rising populisms' (10th International Conference on Critical Theory, John Felice Rome Center of Loyola University Chicago, Rome, May 2017)
  • 'Mobilizing through whistleblowing: Between deliberative democracy and corporate regulation' (Mobilization of Law in Pluralistic Society, organized by the Berlin Working Group on Socio-legal Studies, the Berlin Social Science Center, and the Law & Society Institute, Protestant University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, May 2017)
  • 'Balancing freedom of speech and national security considerations: A right to whistleblowing?' (The Diversity of Human Rights: Human Rights and Security, organized by Prof. Georg Lohmann et al., Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik, September 2016)
  • 'The theoretical foundations of whistleblowing' (in french) (Whistleblowing and Human Rights, organized by the Centre of Research on Fundamental Rights, the National Consultative Commission on Human Rights, and Transparency International France, Paris Ouest Nanterre University, April 2015)
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