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First Cohort

Starting in October 2014, 12-14 new doctoral candidates will join every year the HR-UP program. For a study period of three years, half of these will be resident at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as their home institution, and the other half at Freie Universität Berlin. However, both cohorts will benefit from inter-institutional co-supervision, joint classes, colloquia and conferences, as well as mobility research periods at the partner institution. 

Meet the PhD Candidates of the inaugural cohorts starting in 2014.

Dr. Rawia Aburabia, LL.M


Thesis Title: Colonized by the Law - Personal Status Laws of Palestinian Bedouin Women in Israel


Dr. Nir Barak


Thesis Title: Civic Ecologism - Towards an Environmental Political Theory of Cities


Misha Plagis, LL.M.

Alumni (thesis defended)

Thesis Title: Access to Justice? From Human Rights and Development to Implementation and Experiences - Lessons from India and South Africa


Andrew Mark Bennett

PhD Candidate

Field of Research: Judicial Protection of Human Rights in Emergencies


Gabriele D'amico

PhD Candidate

Field of Research: Cultural diversity between nature and culture: the eschatology of empathy and UNESCO’s role in it

Gabriele D'amico

Tamar Hofnung

PhD Candidate

Field of Research: How do broad, complex, and novel issues of human rights end up receiving very narrow policy treatment


Schira Kaiser

PhD Candidate

Field of Research: Re-interpreting Human Rights in the Light of Recognition: A New Approach to Crisis, Conflict, and Emergencies

Kaiser, pic

Lukas Keller

PhD Candidate

Field of Research: State of Exception and Human Rights in World War I. A Case Study of Germany


Lina Saba-Habesch

PhD Candidate

Field of Research: Criminal Detentions of Security Suspects


Julia Teschlade

PhD Candidate

Field of Research: Human Rights and Queer Kinship


Marie Walter-Franke

PhD Candidate

EU migration and asylum policy


Limor Yehuda, LL.M

PhD Candidate

Field of Research: The Principle of Collective Equality in Ethno-National Conflict Resolution

Freie Universität Berlin
The Minerva Center for Human Rights
Menschenrechtszentrum Uni Potsdam
DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Einstein Foundation Berlin
Dahlem Research School