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Marie Walter-Franke


Freie Universität Berlin

Human Rights Under Pressure - Ethics, Law and Politics

Otto Suhr Institute of Political Science, Department of Law

PhD Candidate

EU migration and asylum policy

Boltzmannstraße 3
—14195 Berlin

Marie Walter-Franke is a doctoral candidate with HR-UP since 2014 and spent her visiting fellowship at the Hebrew University in 2016. She studied political science and law at Sciences Po Paris, Heidelberg University and the London School of Economics, focusing on EU integration in the fields of migration and asylum. She graduated her Masters with Distinction in 2010.

Starting in February, Marie is also associate research fellow at Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin, working on EU migration and asylum policy. Before returning to academia, Marie was project manager at the Berlin-based publisher Lexxion, where she oversaw several EU law journals. Previously, she worked for the European Commission, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP).

Marie’s doctoral research explores how the multifaceted figure of the refugee is framed in European decision-making in the field of asylum policy since the first wave of legislation of the Common European Asylum System in the early 2000s. She traces how policy problems and solutions are formulated and negotiated across time and between EU actors, in order to shed light on underlying stereotypes and biases. Marie’s research should yield explanatory potential for dysfunctionalities in the legislative output, and constructive criticism on the way the rights of refugees and migrants are regulated within the EU asylum framework. This research project draws from existing scholarship on EU integration, constructivist and critical analyses of asylum and migration policies as well as legal analysis, and is anchored within a human rights agenda.


“Building a Common European Asylum System despite discordance – Polarized representations in the discursive process of policy-making” forthcoming in Politiques Europénnes


“External EU Hotspots: The cat keeps coming back”, Blog Post, Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin


With Dr. Nicole Koenig, “France and Germany: Spearheading a European Security and Defence Union?”, Policy Paper Nr 202, Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin


“The missing reflection paper on asylum policy”, Blog Post, Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin


“Asylum detention in Europe: State of play and ways forward”, Policy Paper Nr 195, Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin


“One year on: What lessons from the EU-Turkey ‘deal’?”, Blog Post, Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin


Conference Report:“One year into the State Aid Modernisation Initiative – Proceedings of the 2013 EStALI Experts’ Forum on New Developments in State Aid Law”in European State Aid Law Quarterly4/2013


With Franz C. Ebert: “Cross-Border Collective Action: Jurisprudential Conflicts between European Courts over the Right to Strike” – peer reviewed


Conference Report: Proceedings of the 10th EStALI Experts’ Forum on New Developments in State Aid Law in European State Aid Law Quarterly 1/2013: pp. 189-201. – peer reviewed


With Dr. Bettina Rudloff: Article on the CAP “Gemeinsame Agrarpolitik (GAP) ” from the SWP webdossier on the Lisbon Treaty “Der Vertrag von Lissabon und seine Umsetzung


SWP Working Paper: “Le Jugement de Karlsruhe – Comment interprète-t-on la décision de la Cour constitutionnelle allemande dans la presse française ?  (in French and German)


Euro-Power working paper: “EU-India strategic partnership:  The coming together of two elephants” www.euro-power.eu


Euro-Power working paper: “La politique d’immigration et d’asile de l’Union européenne et de ses Etats : enjeux de puissance” www.euro-power.eu


Article: “The Punjab Crisis, a disastrous case of failed negotiations” in Heidelberg Papers in South Asian and Comparative Politics’ (HPSACP) – peer reviewed. Forthcoming as book chapter in 2014.



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