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Dr. Michal Kramer


Freie Universität Berlin

Human Rights Under Pressure - Ethics, Law and Politics

Post Doctoral Fellow

Boltzmannstraße 3
—14195 Berlin

Michal Kramer completed her doctoral studies (magna cum laude) at the Freie Universität Berlin. Her dissertation analyses the evolution of the labor market in Germany in the last 20 years with regard to modern theories of social justice. In particular, it examines the notion of labor relations as a social resource that is subject to distribution by regulation and focuses on the question of just distribution according to John Rawls’ Theory of justice and Amartya Sen’s notion of freedom, capabilities and functionings, as relevant to the labor market. During her doctoral studies Michal was recipient of Amos de Shalit-Minerva-Fellowship.

Michal holds an LL.M from the Faculty of Law at Humboldt University of Berlin and LL.B

from the Faculty of Law at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Before joining the HR-UP program as a post-doc fellow she was a researcher in The Israel Democracy Institute, where she conducted comparative research on constitutional principles and their implementation by national courts in Israel and in Germany. 

Michal’s research focuses on constitutional and theoretical grounds for the protection of social rights. In particular, it addresses the evolution of social rights in national jurisdictions, which develop constitutional protection of these rights through judicial scrutiny and demonstrate both judicial review of human rights and constitutional protection of social rights which is not based on their explicit inclusion in the constitution. The research examines alternative constitutional sources of the protection of social rights and analyzes their implications for the scope of the social right in question.  Within this framework, it focuses in particular on the protection of social rights as directly related to the constitutional guarantee of human dignity. 

Arbeit gerecht verteilt? Eine Analyse der arbeitsrechtlichen Regulierung anhand der Philosophien von John Rawls und Amartya Sen
2017, Nomos Universitätsschriften - Recht, Bd. 915, http://www.nomos-shop.de/28906

Proportionality in German Law (Hebrew), in: Proportionality: A Critical and Comparative Perspective (Mordechai Kremnitzer, ed.) 2015, pp. 103 – 225. 

Filling the Void: A Model for the Constitutional Right to Dignified Existence Based on the German Constitutional Law (Hebrew) Work, Society and Law 14 (2015) 263-279 (with Avishai Benish)

Human Dignity as a Supreme and Absolute Constitutional Value in German Law – In Israel Too? (Hebrew) IDI Press, 2011 (with Mordechai Kremnitzer)

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