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Publication: Marie Walter-Franke, ''Building a European Asylum Regime in Discordance''

Marie Walter-Franke

Marie Walter-Franke

News from Oct 23, 2018

The article “Building a European Asylum Regime in Discordance. Polarized representations of refugees in the discursive process of policy-making” by doctoral fellow Marie Walter-Franke has been published in Politique Européenne, 2018/2 (No 60), p. 34-70.


Why has the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) proven so dysfunctional when tested? Beyond the circumstantial challenge of high numbers, is there not a deeper issue? In short, what is really the problem: refugees or EU asylum policy? This article sheds light on the inherent contradictions between narratives at play in the CEAS. Two structuring paradigms are identified: control and protection. The tension between them results in polarised representation of refugees based on powerful stereotypes that function as interpretative frames: the abuser and the vulnerable victim. This polarisation bears rich explanatory potential to understand tensions within the policy, with restrictive rules to prevent abuse of the asylum system being mitigated by wide-ranging exceptions introduced to better protect vulnerable persons.

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