Postdocs & Visiting Researchers

Postdoctoral Fellows

One post-doctoral fellowship will be offered per year at each of FUB and HUJI. Given HR-UP's international and interdisciplinary layout and the width of its research program, postdoctoral researchers will make a vital contribution to the research group's success by conducting research on emerging cross-disciplinary themes and questions. Postdoctoral researchers will also be given the chance to gain experience in teaching, management and leadership by taking part in HR-UP's events and lectures.

Postdoctoral researchers may apply for stays from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 24 months, and will be paid 1416 € per month plus 103 € for material expenses. 

Mercator Fellows

Within the framework of HR-UP, two Mercator Fellows shall be integrated. They are outstanding and internationally renowned human rights researchers coming from abroad for a longer research stay of up to 6 months, preferably one full semester. 

Visiting Researchers

HR-UP regularly invites renowned researchers to participate in its events and to provide lectures and workshops. Through intensive exchange within the framework of HR-UP-specific courses visiting researchers make an important contribution to the human rights debate and the establishment of an international academic network. Program participants will have the opportunity to work with visiting researchers with regard to specific questions related to their doctoral research. 

According to their respective fields of interest, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers will have the opportunity to suggest possible visiting researchers. They will also be actively involved in the process of identifying and inviting visiting researchers as well as in helping organize their stay and thus gain hands-on experience in establishing and expanding international (academic and non-academic) networks. HR-UP puts an emphasis on the invitation of human rights experts from non-academic institutions as well (e.g. from politics, economy, NGOs, media, development aid).