FUB Invites you to Public Lecture and Discussion with Professor Ingrid Robeyns, Professor for Ethics of Institutions at the Ethics Institute of Utrecht University "HAVING TOO MUCH"

May 22nd 2017 – 18.30
Henry-Ford-Building, Freie Universität Berlin,
Garystraße 35, Akad. Senatssaal

There is widespread agreement in society that poverty is to be avoided,
and that our social institutions should be such that they minimize the
risk that people will be poor. But what about the opposite of the
spectrum – the situation of extreme affluence? Is that a situation that
is, from a societal point of view, undesirable? Or are those who condemn
situations of extreme riches merely motivated by envy? In this talk, it
will be argued that there are various reasons why situations of extreme
affluence are undesirable from a moral point of view, given the world as
it currently is. Academics, citizens and policy makers should therefore
not only be concerned about poverty, but also about riches.

Professor Ingrid Robeyns holds the chair in Ethics of Institutions at
the Ethics Institute of Utrecht University. Until December 2016 she was
also the chair of the Chamber Ethics/Practical Philosophy of the Dutch
Research School of Philosophy (OZSW). She has written and published
widely on the capability approach, social justice and desirable
institutional change.

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