Joint Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program "Human Rights under Pressure - Ethics, Law, and Politics" (HR-UP)

“There are three primary categories of contemporary ‘pressures’ that constitute systematic challenges for human rights, requiring new thinking and interdisciplinary research: first, crises and emergencies; second, the reality of diversity; and finally, intensified global interactions in the process of globalization.”

“Human Rights under Pressure – Ethics, Law, and Politics” – HR-UP is a new joint interdisciplinary doctoral study and research program, focusing on these challenges. Welcome to our website.

HR-UP is currently accepting applications for doctoral and post-doctoral research.The first three-year research cohort of the program will launch in October, 2014. Successful applicants admitted to the program will benefit from a full scholarship and a rich academic and professional qualification program for three years of their doctoral studies. Additional detailed information on the application process and on the program is included on this website. 

HR-UP Latest News

HR-UP application procedure for the 2014-2017 cohort has closed.

Thank you for your interest in the positions of the Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Joint Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program "Human Rights under Pressure - Ethics, Law, and Politics" (HR-UP, Freie Universität Berlin)!

The application period for the 2015-2018 cohort will run from November 2014.

Stay tuned for the latest information with details on our next application round and more HR-UP news!