Joint Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program "Human Rights under Pressure - Ethics, Law, and Politics" (HR-UP)

“There are three primary categories of contemporary ‘pressures’ that constitute systematic challenges for human rights, requiring new thinking and interdisciplinary research: first, crises and emergencies; second, the reality of diversity; and finally, intensified global interactions in the process of globalization.”

“Human Rights under Pressure – Ethics, Law, and Politics” (HR-UP) is a fully-funded joint interdisciplinary doctoral study and research program, focusing on these challenges.

The first three-year research cohort of the program began in October 2014, and the second in October 2015. The third cohort will launch in October 2016. Successful applicants admitted to the program will benefit from a full scholarship and a rich academic and professional qualification program for three years of their doctoral studies.

Additional detailed information on the application process and on the program is included on this website. 

Doctoral program: applications for the doctoral program are closed. We will not issue any new calls for applications in the near future.
Post-doctoral fellows: applications are closed.